UNE’s 2017 scholarship applications are still open. UNE offers over 100 scholarships each year to students commencing study at UNE.

Receiving a scholarship can help relieve the financial pressures associated with university so you can focus on your studies and achieve more.

There are plenty of scholarship options for you that recognise and reward your achievements, and not all of them are based on your school results. Examples of scholarship options are: 

  • Residential scholarships
  • Equity and Disadvantaged Group scholarships
  • Sporting scholarships

Browse the available scholarships 

How do I apply?

The application process is a simple two-step process. You need to complete Part A of the form and send it to your school to complete Part B. Please use the application form found within the particular scholarship webpage. 

We recommend you complete PART A as soon as possible as some scholarships close soon, and to allow  your school enough time to complete PART B and send the completed application to UNE. You can find out more about the application process at School Leaver Scholarships.