AIEF-BHP Billiton Tertiary Scholarships aim to support the next generation of industry leaders from the classroom to careers.

 The scholarships are awarded to outstanding Indigenous students studying engineering, science and other mining related degrees and provide up to A$30,000 per annum for accommodation, living and educational expenses.

 The scholarships cover:

  • The cost of accommodation up to a maximum of A$22,000 per annum (open to students living in residential (college) and non-residential (private) accommodation). 
  • An annual stipend of A$2,000 per annum for textbooks and education expenses.
  • A living allowance of A$6,000 per annum.

AIEF-BHP Billiton Tertiary Scholarship Students also receive unique career development opportunities including:

  • One-on-one professional development support from AIEF.
  • Career development workshops with BHP Billiton.
  • The opportunity to apply for BHP Billiton’s Australian Undergraduate and Foundations for Graduates Programs.

UWA Masters of Professional Engineering student Travis says his scholarship “is more than just money. You get mentoring as well, so you’ve got someone to fall back on when you’re starting out at university and really need support and later, when it’s good just to know that the support is there.  Through the Undergraduate Program, I got to see how everything operates across a mine site and learn a lot of things they don’t teach you at university. It was a pretty big step but it all made sense by the end of the program.”

 Eligible Degrees

 Students studying the following degrees may be eligible for a 2017 AIEF-BHP Billiton Tertiary Scholarship:

1.       Engineering – Chemical  

2.       Engineering – Civil

3.       Engineering – Control Systems  

4.       Engineering – Electrical  

5.       Engineering – Environmental

6.       Engineering – Geotechnical

7.       Engineering – Mechanical

8.       Engineering – Mechatronic

9.       Engineering – Metallurgy

10.   Engineering – Minerals Processing

11.   Engineering – Mining (Open Cut) (Minerals Processing or Metallurgy)

12.   Engineering – Mining  

13.   Engineering – Mining (Underground)

14.   Engineering – Electronics

15.   Engineering – Communications

16.   Science – Earth (Geology) (Geology/Geoscience, Earth Sciences, Science/Applied Science with major in Geology/Geoscience)

17.   Science – Environmental (Environmental Science/Health, Environmental Management, Science with major in Ecology or Environmental Studies)

18.   Science – Hydrology (Geology, Hydrogeology, Environmental Science, Civil Engineering)

19.   Science – Spatial (Surveying)

20.   Science – Physics

21.   Science – Mathematics

22.   Science – Computer Science

23.   Other related degrees as approved by AIEF.

Students undertaking postgraduate degrees are encouraged to apply.

 How to apply

Applicants must complete the attached AIEF-BHP Billiton Tertiary Scholarship Application Form (2017) to be considered.  Applications will be assessed by a selection panel with an emphasis on:

  • Academic ability, achievement and potential.
  • Interest in and commitment to working in the mining industry.
  • Interest in an commitment to working with BHP Billiton on completion of their degree.

Applicants must submit a completed AIEF-BHP Billiton Tertiary Scholarship Application Form (2017) before Sunday, 30 October 2016.

 For more information, please refer to the attached brochure and application form or visit