Philosophy at ACU

The word ‘philo-sophy’ literally means ‘the love of wisdom’, ie the search for wisdom about things we generally take for granted. As a discipline, its foundations lie with the beginning of western civilisation and some of the modern world’s most influential thinkers such as Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates.

Today, philosophy’s theoretical grounding and its very practical application can be harnessed as a lens through which to understand, dissect and participate in the history, sociology, economics, and politics of the contemporary world.

Studying philosophy is an opportunity for students to challenge their thinking and to critically examine the big questions. Philosophy will introduce students to a world of new ideas, broadening and enriching their program of study.

Employers across many professions report that they highly value the kinds of adaptable skills and attributes possessed by philosophy graduates.

Studying philosophy:

  • sharpens your clarity of thought;
  • enhances your ability to analyse and evaluate claims people make
  • provides you with openness to a broad range of ideas
  • hones your written and oral communication skills.

Philosophy at ACU is available through the Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Philosophy. Alternatively, students may wish to undertake philosophy as a major/minor within the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Theology. A philosophy minor can also be completed in the Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and the Bachelor of Commerce