Show UNSW your creative potential. Submit a portfolio and boost your chances of admission. The best portfolios will be recognised with prizes and awards.

At UNSW Art & Design we understand that creative talent is expressed in all sorts of different forms. Some students write brilliantly. Some secure high marks in their high school subjects. Some demonstrate their creative potential by producing promising art, design and media work.

At UNSW Art & Design they look for creative talent. Some students are admitted solely on their ATAR and some are  identified by demonstrating their creative potential by preparing and submitting a portfolio of art, design, media or written work.

However if your ATAR is lower than the entry score to our programs, but you possess a strong art, design or digital media portfolio, UNSW would like to see it.

After all, UNSW Art & Design is about great art, design and ideas.

Submitting a portfolio can boost your chances of admission to Australia’s leading faculty of art and design.